Everything You Need To Know About Nurse Coaching

Nurse coaching is a relatively new profession growing in demand within the medical profession. A nurse coaching service extends the nursing field but combines all areas mentioned previously into a cohesive unit. Nurse coaching becomes part of patients’ holistic care during their hospital stay by providing information regarding diet, current medication, and lifestyle changes to help improve their health and make adjustments to increase longevity. At the same time, it also helps prevent readmission to the hospital and allows patients to understand better what they can do in their home environment to plan for recovery once discharged.

How is Nurse Coaching Different from Other Types of Coaching?

Like other sorts of coaching, nurse coaching appeals to and works for nurses looking for very different things. Some nurses are dissatisfied with their work and want someone to help them move forward. Other nurses are unhappy with their current circumstances and may be considering a career change. Others are nearing retirement and want to be involved in nursing, but without the rigorous physical responsibilities and long hours—they wonder if a new profession as a nurse coach might be a good fit for them.

However, the nursing profession is acquiring more excellent coaching knowledge. Coaching has a bad connotation in specific workplaces since it is perceived as a tool for just low performance. Coaching is for everyone, and it improves both individual and team performance. According to Phyllis Quinlan, Ph.D., RN-BC, who sees many nurses in her nurse coaching and consulting company, MFW Consulting, nurses have difficulty reaching out to coaches.

Becoming a Nurse Coach has Lots of Benefits

In the medical industry, Registered Nurses can serve others. All nurse coaching allows one to reach out to more people while promoting holistic health in the mind, spirit, and body. Furthermore, becoming a Nurse Coach might provide a competitive advantage in the nursing sector. As previously stated, there are several million nurses in the United States, yet the AHNCC has only qualified approximately 1,000 Nurse Coaches. Obtaining certification in this area of nursing can help one find and keep a job at a private practice, group practice, or another medical facility.

Most significantly, one will have more fulfillment, independence, and creativity in one profession than one ever imagined. The wellness revolution is only getting started, and if one jumps on board now, you’ll be riding the wave of change for years to come.


Nurse coaching services can go a long way to improving patient outcomes in hospitals and ultimately creating a more positive and healthy lifestyle for those discharged, creating a win-win for the patient, hospital, and the insurance company. Finally, although nurse coaching services are a seemingly new profession within the healthcare field, it has proven primarily positive for patients and an integral part of health.

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