For Noisy Office Areas, Try Double-Glazed Partitions

Having a noisy office is never fun. It can result in lost productivity among employees, not to mention presenting the wrong image to customers and clients. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way, and the solution is as simple as a double pane of glass. With double glazed partitioning, you get a good-looking solution to the problem and a solution that actually works. While glass partitions can be a little on the pricey side, they are definitely worth it in the end because they can eliminate most noises.

Why Choose Double-Glazed Partitions?

If you choose glass partitions for your office, you have several options available to you. This includes both single- and double-glazed glass with a “frameless” look that is barely noticeable and will match any office decor. If your office is not very noisy, you could go with single-glazed partitions, but the double glazed are there for those offices that are a little noisier than usual. Both are very attractive and do a great job at eliminating noises, but naturally the double-glazed partitions work much better.

Not only that, but these partitions are great for regular offices, mezzanine floors, showrooms, and so much more. Indeed, if you need an area of your office made a little quieter, double-glazed partitions will get the job done. With two sheets of glass, you get extra noise reduction, and you can even choose to place blinds in between the glass panes, which means you can enjoy a more decorative environment without having to constantly clean and dust your blinds.

How Effective Are They?

Not only are these glass partitions attractive, but they are extremely effective as well. If you choose a fixed double-glazed partition, you get sound protection of up to 44dB, which means regular conversations are barely heard and loud noises are just interpretable but not unpleasant. If you choose to use both double glazing and the acoustic glass, you can get sound protection of up to 50dB. In addition to all of this, the panes are available in various colours, including silver, white, dark grey, and black.

This means the panes can match your office decor and make it look even more attractive. Let’s face it, just because you want functional glass partitions that serve an important purpose doesn’t mean you can’t also get some that look great in your office. With the right company, it’s super easy to get both of these.

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