Why should you consider buying a paid pdf conversion tool?

You can find both free tools to edit pdf online and paid tools to use privately. There are several advantages of buying pdf converters than using them online for free. In this article let us try to explain some reasons for you to buy a pdf converter.

Widely used format

As you would know, pdf is the most used format to store text data throughout the world. If you save it as a pdf, you will never face any issues due to accidental editing on it. There will not be a loss of data and anything similar to that. So, you can rely on a pdf document very much when you deal with confidential and important information. As the majority of the business information and data would be confidential, almost all companies are using this format for their data storage. So, you could not even count the number of pdf files present out there in the market. As the count of pdf files is high, the necessity for a converter to help with the editing of these files will also be more. So, almost everyone would require a pdf converter at least once in their journey. So, you can consider the wide usage of the format as the reason to buy a pdf converter.


No one is having time to spare. Almost everyone is busy working and engaging in some activities. Let us assume that in this busy world, you get to rewrite a hell of a document saved in the pdf format into a word document to make some corrections in it. If you sit and write it again, you will waste some hours of your work time. You would have used it in any other productive way if there is a pdf converter that could convert the file into a word document in seconds. You will not be able to make a single edit on a pdf document no matter how long you try. So, you can save several minutes if you buy a single pdf converter. Also, you can go for a high-end pdf converter if you have a lot of money. If you do so, you would be able to save some more time with the help of batch conversion technology. In this case, you can convert tons of documents at once without any delays between the conversion of two documents. Hence, if you are time conscious and wish to complete your works fast, you should buy a pdf converter.



You will find pdf converters of varying abilities according to their price. If you use a free online tool, you will not get to enjoy these additional abilities.

OCR technology – It is a high-end technology used by the paid pdf converters to make sure your pdf files are being converted completely into another file without any changes in the content.

Batch conversion – You can convert multiple documents at once.

Segmentation – You can convert only a specific portion of your text.

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