Taking Advantage of Healthy Natural Light In Your Office

After a wealth of scientific studies, it is now well known that natural light is linked to well-being and happiness; this is due to the increase in the production of vitamin D. By allowing natural light to flow through a home or workplace, you create the feeling of space which helps us adopt a positive physical and psychological outlook which is crucial for any healthy person. It is becoming increasingly popular to use glazed partitions in place of solid fixtures in both homes and offices; they allow natural light to flow through a space energising all. We’ll look at the different types of glass partitions available and how you might use them.

A Superb Flexible Product

Whether you decide to use glass partitions to fit out your home or in an office environment, there will be a glazed partition suitable for your situation, you could install a single wall using existing fixtures or even a four-sided room. Glass partitions can be used to create any floorplan in the home or office. Easily and quickly installed, they are flexible and can then be decorated with branded stickers to give your workplace that professional look that will impress visiting clients. Domestic glass partitioning can separate both internal and external spaces in the home, creating a superb open plan feel. Let’s now look at the different types of glazed partitions.

The Different Types of Partitions

These are different types of glass partitioning, all with their own characteristics to suit different budgets and settings; the main types in use are –

  • Single glazed partitions – this is a budget option that uses an aluminium frame and a single piece of glazing; it has good acoustic properties.
  • Double glazed partitions – while looking similar to single glazing, it is a step up in performance with higher acoustic performance; it is also possible to install integral privacy blinds if required.
  • Acoustic glass partitions – uses a membrane added to the glazing to produce high-end acoustic performance in a noisy workplace. Double glazed acoustic partitions can give sound protection to a high level.
  • Banded glass partitions – uses an aluminium framework that runs around the perimeter and intersects the wall dividing into squares. This design choice is increasingly popular in line with the trend for contemporary industrial offices.
  • Curved glass partitions – a high-end product which can be used as a beautiful modern office feature.
  • Sliding glazed partitions – particularly popular in the domestic setting, they can transform any home with their modern trendy look.

No matter what your situation, installing glazed partitions is a great idea; first impressions count, especially in the business world when you’re entertaining visiting clients or potential new customers. You’ll have a valuable asset for your growing company by transforming your office environment with glass partitions. They will also keep noise under control while enriching all with healthy natural light promoting positivity and encouraging your staff to be engaged and creative.

If you’re planning an office refurbishment or home improvement project, find your local glass partition specialist today and find out what they offer.

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