Forgetting Things When You Leave Home – It Can Make You Crazy

How many times have you left home in a rush while a nagging feeling was telling you that you forgot something? It happens to all of us. And some of us don’t even have to be in a rush. We can be completely unhurried and still walk out the door without something important. It is enough to make you crazy.

Why do we do this? Is it a subconscious effort by the brain to sabotage the day’s activities? If not, maybe there are space aliens living in the attic, just waiting to come out at night and tinker with our brains while we sleep. Or perhaps it is just the fact that we have so much rattling around in our heads that there isn’t room for everything. What we don’t need in the moment gets shoved out of the way.

  Your Keys Are the Worst

Of all the things you could forget as you are walking out the door, your keys are the worst. No keys mean no car. And because you just locked the door as you pulled it closed, you cannot get back in. Now you’re left to make a choice.

You can call your significant other and suffer the embarrassment of having locked yourself out. You can call the fire or police department in hopes that they have nothing better to do than help you get back inside. You can call a locksmith too, or you can put on your best burglar face and break into your own home. None of your options are all that attractive.

 Your Purse or Wallet

Second only to your keys is your purse or wallet. It is where you keep your driver’s license and credit cards. Of course, there is nothing like that feeling you get while driving down the expressway and suddenly realizing that your purse or wallet is at home. It’s amazing how quickly you start obeying the speed limit and signaling every turn.

The last thing you want is to be pulled over without your license. You’ll get a ticket if you’re caught. And yes, you could probably fight that ticket successfully just by showing up to court with a valid driver’s license. But who really wants that hassle?

Without your purse or wallet, you can forget about buying lunch. Your planned shopping trip later that day is off the table as well. In fact, you might just as well turn around and go home. You are lost without your credit cards and driver’s license.

 Your Rain Gear

You have your keys and wallet. Everything is great. Then you get up from your desk and get ready to walk over to the courthouse for a preliminary hearing. It’s then that you realize you forgot to bring your rain gear. Your GC Tech waterproof shoe covers and umbrella are still sitting on the kitchen table. At least you have your overcoat, but you’re planning to arrive to court with wet hair and dirty shoes.

Every court hearing is important, but this one is critical for your firm. No other attorney in the office can handle this for you. You’re just going to have to suck it up and walk through the rain unprotected. With any luck, Gladys will let you borrow her umbrella for a few hours.

The human brain is a tricky thing. Science isn’t clear about why we remember some things and forget others. That is a little solace to those of us who seem to forget much-needed items with regularity. Forgetting things as you walk out the door is enough to make you crazy.

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