Maximising The Range Of Your Electric Vehicle

When planning a long-distance trip in your electric vehicle, you will want to do everything you can to maximise its range. There are various ways you can do this that can increase how far your electric vehicle can go between charges, and you may also extend the range further than the vehicle manufacturer states. Below are some ways to do this and ensure you are not stuck on the side of the road with a flat battery and that you arrive at your destination safely.

Keep Your Speed Down

Reducing your speed can have a significant impact on the potential range of your electric vehicle. You can save as much as 14% when you reduce your speed by ten mph, and if your electric car has a sports mode, ensure that this is turned off to maximise your range.

Try To Drive Smoothly

You will also want to try and drive smoothly, and when pulling off from being stationary, do not accelerate too quickly. If your EV has an Eco mode, engage this, which will help you drive smoothly and save using too much of your battery. It can help you avoid using your EV charging app so often to find somewhere you can pull over to charge your vehicle.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Before setting off on a long-distance journey, you will want to check the pressures in your tyres and ensure they are inflated correctly. Studies have shown that your efficiency can be reduced by up to 15%, so ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure before setting off, and it can help you get further on less charge.

Turn Down The Heat

When it is cold when you are travelling, you will want to avoid using the heat in your electric vehicle too much, which will eat away at your battery charge. Before setting off on your trip, you can pre-heat your car while it is plugged in and then turn the heat off. Wear an extra layer of clothes, which can help reduce your battery consumption and increase your maximum range.

Go Easy On The AC

Using your AC will also use a lot of power and help drain your battery much quicker, so you will also want to avoid using it too much. However, you will also want to avoid opening the windows to try and cool off, as this increases the drag and makes the vehicle less aerodynamic, which also means less efficiency.

Use Regenerative Braking

You will want to try and use regenerative braking as much as possible and avoid using the brake whenever possible. Change the settings in your vehicle to maximise the regenerative braking, which will help send power back to the batteries and can extend your overall range.

Plan An Efficient Route

You will also want to ensure that you plan an efficient route for you to take with your electric vehicle. It is often best to avoid using the motorways and travel at a slower but constant speed to help maximise the range of your car. You can click here to get more information about planning efficient routes for electric vehicles to help you plan your route and ensure you get there without running out of charge.

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