Unique Flower Gifts any Recipient would be Thrilled to Receive

Floral gifts are a great way to show appreciation to someone, but they can also be difficult to buy. The flower delivery singapore services here at Adelphi Florist Singapore aims to provide you with some ideas for unique flower gifts that any recipient would be thrilled to receive.

  1. The Classic Flower Arrangement -A bouquet is a timeless gift. It can be anything from solo roses to a hand-tied arrangement, but it’s always going to make the person receiving them happy.
  2. Custom Flower Arrangement -A custom flower arrangement is a great way to show someone that you’ve put time and effort into your gift. It may cost slightly more than the standard bouquet, but it will be remembered much longer as their unique gift from you.
  3. Flower Plant -If you want to give a gift that will last, then consider giving a flowering plant. These are great for people who have little time or money to maintain potted plants and can be planted pretty much anywhere with some sunlight (and water).


There are so many different flower gifts to choose from, but hopefully, these unique flower gift ideas have inspired you to give a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that the recipient will love.

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