What are the Common Issues That Can be Resolved with Mediation During a Divorce?

Divorce is complicated enough. What if you can solve your problems outside the court through mediation? Mediation is a way to resolve issues outside of court. The goal is to reach an agreement that is satisfactory and fair for everyone involved.

With a divorce lawyer from Turco Legal, P.C., for getting you through mediation, you can solve the issues easier and faster. A divorce lawyer can help you get separated easily through mediation. Mediation is not as dramatic as a trial or a court case. Your divorce lawyer will help you with the legal aspect of mediation to ensure that everything is in accordance with the law.

Mediation helps couples save time and money by saving from going to court frequently. In fact, mediation is an alternative route to resolve issues between spouses who cannot come to an agreement outside of court.

Let us now see into the common issues that can be resolved during a divorce.

  • Alimony

Alimony is a type of support payment that one spouse gives to the other in order to provide financial support. It can be temporary or permanent, and it can also be rehabilitative or lump sum. This becomes an important issue for both spouses as it has an impact on the financial situation of each party. Through mediation, the couple can resolve the issue of alimony and come to a reasonable agreement.

  • Child custody

Child custody refers to the living arrangements for your children after the separation of a couple. It can be shared between the parents or it can be given to one parent only. Mediation helps couples come up with an agreement that is fair and reasonable so as to resolve all issues in child custody.

  • Property division

Property division is the determination of all property between the spouses. This includes house, business, investments, retirement savings, and personal possessions. So, it can be especially complicated due to the fact that some couples have joint accounts, such as joint bank accounts or business accounts. If these are shared between the couple through mediation, they can easily come up with an agreement that is fair and reasonable.

  • Marital home issue

The marital home is the house that the couple lives in together. If you are facing divorce and you need to come to an agreement with your spouse about its ownership, then mediation can make this easier on both of you. This procedure will be smoother if there is a lawyer involved.

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