Cantilever Racking – Applications & Advantages

The type of storage systems you implement in your distribution centers or warehouses impact the storage capacity, vertical and horizontal space, floor space, and efficiency of your businesses directly. While pallet racks are key necessities among modern warehousing facilities, such systems are inappropriately suited for irregularly shaped, long, or awkward loads. Therefore, an excellent alternative to these traditional pallet racking is cantilever racking Sydney systems by BHD Storage Solutions for storing bulky, cumbersome, or heavy loads. They offer a wide range of storage solutions which can even be customized to suit your specific requirement.

Application for cantilever racking

Quality cantilever racking is the most versatile solution for all types of bulky products. Their strength and flexibility make them ideal for the industrial storage of heavy items. Cantilever racks can be used for storing the following products:

  • Drywall & lumber

Building materials and products come in odd sizes and shapes, including long beams and sheets which need heavy-duty shelving. BHD cantilever racking Sydney is perfect for offering easy access to various building materials without any slowing down warehouse operation.

  • Fabric rolls

Fabric rolls, which include rugs and carpeting, pose a big storage challenge for other storage systems. Cantilever racking is optimal for proper storage of rolled fabrics, as there is less restriction where horizontal spaces are concerned. This type of storage also helps to keep your fabrics off the warehouse floor, thus protecting them against moisture, dust, and other contaminants.

  • Steel bar stock & other metals

Cantilever racks are ideally suited for storing heavy, long items, like tubing, steel pipes, steel sheets, heavy bar stock, and aluminum. As the cantilever racking system does not have decking, any vertical obstruction will be absent, thus offering flexible storage as well as access to products directly.

Benefits of cantilever racking systems

  • Saves money & time

Installation of cantilever racks is simple, and also reduces the downtime of your company. As cantilever racks can even store awkwardly shaped materials, so you don’t have to invest in product-specific storage solutions, thus reducing your operational costs.

This type of system helps to reduce the need for floor stacking that may result in damage to your inventory, create safety hazards for employees, and increase clutter.

  • Adjustable storage needs

The angle as well as the height of the arms on cantilever racks is easily adjustable. The design allows for uniform weight distribution without any deck support. It can store heavy-duty or light items such as building materials, depending on your weight capacity needs.

  • Ideal for limited spaces

If you need any additional space, cantilever racking systems are ideal. These systems need less aisle space as compared to pallets, thus increasing maneuverability as well.

  • Access to materials directly

These shelves are designed for making easy to place and remove bulky, long materials using standard material handling equipment, which includes pallet trucks and forklifts. This increases not only productivity but also efficiency in your lumber yard, warehouse, or factory.

If you need the best quality cantilever racking Sydney, contact the team of BHD Storage Solutions today. They have the necessary expertise to recommend and even install a suitable solution that fulfills your requirement without exceeding your budget as well.

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