Debt Financing Versus Cash Investment Legitimate Estate Projects

The financial advantages of leveraging financing versus cash investments are apparent. Your Return on investment is definitely much greater with debt financing versus investing cash. Other advantages of financing include decrease in risk, retaining cash reserves, and extra liquidity that may produce added earnings. Now you ask , not regardless of whether you should secure financing, but the proper way to position any project to effectively secure funding and receive the best terms.

The next fundamental example illustrates the way the financing approach can generate over 58% greater return than funding the work entirely with cash. I’ve been involved with projects where the advantages of financing was 126% more than funding it entirely with cash or securing all funds from cash investors. While it might be apparent that financing is much more lucrative than cash funding, the disparity backward and forward is essential to bear in mind, and maximum efforts ought to always be made toward effectively securing debt financing.

Sample Project – Uses and Causes of Funds

Cash Investment Approach

Project Cost: $1,000,000

Cash Investment: $1,000,000

Several weeks: 12

Internet Revenues (From Sales): $1,300,000

Capital Gain: $300,000

Percent Return: 30%

Project Financing Approach

Project Cost: $1,000,000

Financial Loan (LOC): $700,000

Cash Investment: $300,000

Several weeks 12

Internet Revenues (From Sales): $1,300,000

Financial Loan Payment (P&I): $735,000

Capital Gain: $265,000

Percent Return: 88%

The money investment approach proven above needed risking $1,000,000 and produced a 30% internet return around the amount invested. The financial lending approach within the same project needed a money investment of just $300,000 also it made a significantly greater roi of 88%. This method considerably reduced risk and tangled up substantially less capital that may be offer work and may generate additional earnings using their company projects.

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