How To Make Your Eyes More Beautiful?

Eyes are the main thing and the first thing that people notice when they meet someone. Having beautiful eyes makes every woman look more beautiful than she already is. Having long eyelashes makes already beautiful eyes look more elegant and breathtaking.

There are many tips and products that can help in eyelash growth irrespective of the person using them. These tips are both natural and custom-made so that they can bring immediate effect on the eyes.

Reasons why eyelashes fall off periodically

Even though in major cases, thin eyelashes will be a hereditary thing, there are cases where people lose eyelashes making them thinner than they already are. The main reasons why eyelashes fall out include

  • Excessive stress
  • The hormonal imbalance that is common in most women
  • With the increase in age of women, there will be more fall in the eyelashes as it is the same in the case with their hair strands.
  • One of the most important reasons that people overlook is the use of expired makeup or skincare products on their faces.
  • Even doing a severe diet can make them fall easily.

Ways in which people can increase eyelash growth naturally

There are a few ways that people can follow because of which there will be visible eyelash growth. All these mentioned ways are completely natural which will enhance the growth along with a few products that can be bought from the fashion industry.

  • It is proven that mixing a few drops of castor oil with coconut and applying that mixture to the lashes make them grow thick and it can also help in reducing eyelash fall.
  • Everyone drinks green tea these days. After drinking, keeping those bags on the lids can increase eyelash growth.
  • Dipping cotton balls in extra virgin olive oil and applying that on eyelashes can make the hair follicles stronger.
  • There are Vitamin E capsules available on the market. Break those capsules and apply that extracted oil on the lids for a duration of 5 to 10 mins.

Tips that can help in eyelash growth as well as help in reducing their breakage

Here are a few tips that can help in taking care of the eyelashes, increasing their growth and reducing their loss.

  • It is common for women to get tired and sleep without removing their makeup. This habit is very harmful to eyelashes.
  • There are many eyelash serums available in the beauty industry that can help in eyelash growth. It is recommended to use them as they are very mild and most of those will not even irritate the skin.
  • Eating foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotene can help in eyelash growth.


When removing makeup or applying makeup many people will rub the eye area vigorously. That is a very bad thing to do that can easily harm the hair follicles in that region making the eyelashes fall more easily.

When thinking of buying eye products like mascara one should be very careful. Even the eyelash curler should be very clean as these two things come into direct contact with lashes regularly.

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